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The PowerSchool Mobile App for parents and students is currently not functioning. A help desk ticket was established on September 18, 2018 with PowerSchool tech support to fix the problem. On September 28, 2018 the issue was escalated for further review. PowerSchool is able to be accessed by parents and students by using a web browser on any Internet connected device by going to https://powerschool.polson.k12.mt.us/.

PowerSchool has released a new version of it's mobile app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) users that will fix the sync issues we've been experiencing. Please download and install PowerSchool Mobile version 2.5.0 to access PowerSchool through the app on your mobile device.

PowerSchool Tech Note

PowerSchool Mobile version 2.5.0 for iOS is Now Available
A new version of PowerSchool Mobile for iOS (2.5.0) is now available in the Apple App Store for parents and students.

This release provides a data connection enhancement, other enhancements, and fixes to existing issues.

Direct connection between PowerSchool Mobile and PowerSchool SIS to improve data connection speeds.
In-app availability of PowerSchool SIS period sort order.
Log files sent to PowerSchool Support with emails.
Resolved data sync issues for the Apple Watch app.